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Online courses are classes you can take anywhere, anytime. They are pre-recorded. In addition to videos, you will get support materials - PDFs, exercises, quizzes and tests. (Coming Soon!)

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Online Classes

The online live class features direct teacher assistance. Both private and group instruction is available. Depending on the class, payment will be monthly or on a drop-in basis.

Decorating & Customizing Partnership


To facilitate the student's life, Brazivedas has a convenient store where you can buy uniforms, musical instruments, books, music, etc. We try our best to make your learning experience fun and more natural.

Mestre Beiçola Playing Pandeiro.
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My name is Mestre Beiçola. I am a native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I first came to the United States in 1988 with the samba extravaganza “Oba Oba,” a company of 70 top Brazilian musicians, capoeiristas and dancers. I am a 30-year master of Capoeira, an African-Brazilian martial art and dance form. I have performed and toured in theatres from Broadway to Hollywood before settling in the San Francisco Bay Area.

"Teaching is my way to say thanks - to all the (anonymous?) teachers I have had throughout my life.

- Founder Of Grow

Our Products!

Capoeira Pants Official Model

Official Pants

These official capoeira pants are made of high-quality material, light and well design for capoeira practice and workout activities, and also can be customized to fit your school needs.

Official T-Shirts

Here will find the T-Shirts of the official capoeira schools related to Brazivedas. Duo to copyright issues, the selection is minimal, but the few that we have has tradition and history behind it.

Berimbau (Bamboo)

Berimbau "Bamboo"

The bamboo berimbau is the best choice overall; it is beautiful, lightweight, and environment friendly; if after use, you release the string, it will last forever.

Pandeiro "Capoeira"

Pandeiro "Capoeira"

The capoeira pandeiro is an ideal choice not only for capoeira but also for samba; other styles of music, it is light and has a great sound when appropriately tuned.

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Ismael Douglas

I have studied Capoeira for several years and am currently studying Capoeira with Mestre Beiçola. It has been an incredible and transformative experience. He is an amazing teacher with in-depth knowledge and expertise which puts him in a uniquely qualified class of Mestres.

Ismael Douglas

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