Capoeira – Japan オンライン カポエラ習得コース


Online class registration detail

 This class will be a focus on the capoeirista in Japan, but the registration is open to everyone. We are going to be speaking in English, Japanese, English and Portuguese.



Thanks for signing up!

This new way of teaching is creating an opportunity to reach out to peoples, that would not be possible otherwise.
The registration will take place in two stages, first is payment here on this site and the second is to log on the Zoom course after receiving the booking confirmation email with the registration link for the Zoom online class. The registration link for this meeting is unique; please do not share this link because if you do so, you will not be able to attend the class.

I am looking forward to seeing you in class, have a great day and let’s get busy!


Tokyo 時間 | California

月曜, 11月: 23 – 時間 10:00 am, California: Saturdays, Nov 22 – 5:00pm

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