Kids Percussion

Kids will enjoy learning Brazilian percussion basics in this fun series of classes considering each child’s natural abilities. Children will catch on and have fun in this energetic class that requires no prior dance experience — and the music is fantastic!

Brazivedas offers many classes in Brazilian percussion: traditional, folkloric and pop. In the beginning, you are welcome to borrow our instruments to play in class or it rent to take home; eventually, you will want to have your own. All experience levels are welcome!

Berimbau, Pandeiro (tambourine), Atabague (conga drum), and Agogo (double cowbell). Repinique (High pitch metal drum), Surdo (Base drum), Caixa (snare). Tamborim (tambourine without dingles), Agogô (Double cowbell), Repique de mão (one-headed metal drum), Tantan, Rebolo.