Kids Couples Dance

Kids will enjoy learning Brazilian couples dance basics in this fun series of classes considering each child’s natural abilities. Children will catch on and have fun dancing together. No prior dance experience is necessary!


Samba Gafieira was developed in Rio de Janeiro on the XX Century originated from the Maxixe Dance, and under the influence or Rio de Janeiro urban rhythms like e chorinhos, maxixes, polcas, valsas and sambas. It was mainly danced on Cabaret later on moved to ballroom nightclubs.



Originated in the northeast of Brazil in the XIX century, Forró was a country dance. The music, it is based on a combination of three instruments Accordion, Zabumba and Triangle. The forró music includes Baião, Xote, Coco and more, Now not only the musical formation has involved, but also the dance. Forró now is been spread all over the world as well as in the United States