Brazilian Percussion


Brazivedas offers many classes in Brazilian Percussion: traditional, folkloric and pop. We have private and small group classes. In the beginning. you are welcome to borrow our instruments; eventually, you will want to have your own.

Learn to play some of the most popular percussion instruments of Brazil, from Capoeira like, Pandeiro (tambourine), Atabague (conga drum), Agogo (double cowbell), Berimbau to Samba like Repinique (two-headed metal drum), Tamborim (tambourine without singles), Surdo (Base drum), Repinique (High pitch metal drum), Caixa (snare).

Classes are divided into parts, depending on the specific rhythm we are learning: basic Percussion, Samba Batucada, Samba de Roda, Samba Regue, Pagode, Bossa Nova, Baião, etc. Sometimes the class will end with singing and percussion, accompanied by the cavaquinho, playing music together.

All experience levels are welcome!


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