Brazilian Percussion

PRIVATE Brazivedas offers many classes in Brazilian Percussion: traditional, folkloric and pop. We have private and small group classes. In the beginning. you are welcome to borrow our instruments; eventually, you will want to have your own. Learn to play some of the most popular percussion instruments of Brazil, from Capoeira like, Pandeiro (tambourine), Atabague (conga …

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PRIVATE Pandeiro (Portuguese pronunciation: [pɐ̃ˈdejɾu]) is a hand drum originally from Egypt, which became very popular in Brazil. The pandeiro drumhead is tunable, and the rim holds metal jingles (platinelas), which are cupped creating a crisper, drier and less sustained tone than on the tambourine. The pandeiro’s rhythms are used in samba, capoeira, choro, seresta, …

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Cavaquinho / Cavaco

PRIVATE The cavaquinho or Cavaco is a small 4 still strings guitar resembling a Ukulele. Cavaquinho is must used and Brazil for playing Samba and Pagode, but it also can be found on another type of Brazilian music. This class private for different people find their own way to learn this unique instrument Register