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Welcome to Brazivedas! We offer classes for all ages in Brazilian capoeira, dance, and music. You can also book our performers for your next event!

What We Do

Capoeira is an exciting combination of martial arts, music, dance and gymnastics. Developed by African slaves in Brazil centuries ago, today Capoeira is practised by adults and children all over the world. 


Expand your social relationship adding dance to your daily life. Brazivedas dance classes are not only fun, but a place to make good friends. You will meet people that is just stating with people that are taking the classes for over ten years just for the fun of it.

Brazivedas offers many classes in Brazilian music: traditional, folkloric and pop.  We have private and small group classes.  In the beginning. you are welcome to borrow our instruments; eventually, you will want to have your own.  All experience levels are welcome!